Boundaries (Inter County Baseball Association)



The Inter County Boundary map shows all the centres that are included within the ICBA boundaries as per the OBA Constitution. The major locals (Brantford, Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener, Stratford, Waterloo and Woodstock) use the city limits as set by their local government to establish their boundaries outside of the OBA boundaries.

For all centres within the boundary of Inter County and don't have a local association are assigned one of the 7 major locals to establish their home association with respect to playing rep baseball.  The home centre is calculated using Google maps and as the crow flies and not road mileage.  In cases of 50/50 split custody, the location of the player's school as of September prior to the playing season will determine the location of the home local.  The ICBA registrar is able to confirm your home association if you're not sure.

The following centres are outside of the ICBA boundary and belong to another affiliate:

  • Thamesford, Kintore, Medina, and Uniondale belong to London District Baseball (LDBA).
  • All centres West,  North West and North of Hwy #7 are part of Western Ontario Baseball (WOBA).
  • All centres South of Hwy #53 are part of Southern Counties (SCBA).
  • All centres East of Hwy #24 are Central Ontario Baseball (COBA) or Hamilton District Baseball (HDBA)

Players located outside of the Inter County boundaries must have a local and affiliate release before they are able to move into the Inter County.  If they have those two items they will then be allowed into the ICBA Local that is closest to their current residence.  If they wish to play for a team located elsewhere within the Inter County then they must contact the ICBA registrar to obtain the necessary pass-through releases.

For help establishing what affiliate you are in or what local is considered your home association please contact the ICBA registrar at [email protected].