Senior Umpire of the Year

Awarded annually to a senior level umpire (OBA Level 3 or higher) who was an integral part of our success as a league.

Past Season's Recipient

Sr Umpire

Jack Hadfield


Having just completed his 10th season, Jack has long ago proven to be a dedicated, conscientious and reliable OBA carded umpire. He has been assigned to over 400 games, at every division in house league, select and travel and EBLO baseball, including assignments in tournament play, where competition levels are intensified. In 2022 Jack lead the pack in the number of games umpired. When I have a last-minute need and am desperate to fill a position at an undesirable game, it is Jack who offers to fill it. CMBA UIC has offered that "Jack's preparation for his games starts well before ground rules as he arrives at a minimum 30 minutes before game time. He seeks out his partner and they go over communication and situational plays to ensure there is no confusion on who is doing what. Coaches breathe a sigh of relief when they see Jack at the diamond, as his knowledge of the game, its rules, and his game management are second to none."

Previous Recipients

  • 2021 - Unknown
  • 2020 - Unknown
  • 2019 - Unknown
  • 2018 - Unknown
  • 2017 - Zach Vaters (Stratford)
  • 2016 - Rick Bridge (Kitchener)
  • 2015 - Nick Lefler (Brantford)
  • 2014 - Ron Burns (Woodstock)
  • 2013 - Gerard Stack (Guelph)
  • 2012 - Barry DaCosta (Cambridge)
  • 2011 - Dennis Watson (Kitchener)
  • 2010 - Unknown
  • 2009 - Rick Charlton (Guelph)
  • 2008 - Jason Crerar (Stratford)
  • 2007 - Ray Main (Cambridge)
  • 2006 - Mike Gould (Stratford)
  • 2005 - Mike Rose (Cambridge)
  • 2004 - Gary Biggar (Cambridge)