Junior Umpire of the Year

Awarded annually to a junior level umpire (OBA Level 1 or 2) who was an integral part of our success as a league.

Past Season's Recipient

Jr Umpire

Quinn Szilock


Quinn has just completed his second season with CMBA, and is a Level 1.2 OBA carded umpire. CMBA received consistent feedback all season from coaches and other umpires about Quinn. On May 25th, Quinn was assigned to his first live pitch travel game at 11U (after only 13 house league/select and 8U travel games). Immediately after the game, I received an email from his partner umpire, Jim McIntyre: "Hi Amanda - I just thought I'd let you know that working with Quinn has been a pleasure. He is sharp and bright and seems invested in the craft of umpiring. He takes direction well and listens. I enjoy working with him and would be happy to do the bases for him if you're willing to assign him a plate assignment for another level travel game in future. I think he will be a good candidate for junior ump of the year this season." On June 18th, after Quinn had been assigned to multiple games at the Toyota Tyke, a text was sent to me from Level 3 umpire Rick Davidson. It read: "Quinn is the best prospect I have seen this season!" Rick would then ask about Quinn's availability because in him he saw so much potential, a young umpire with an invested interest in learning the game, one who was going to take what he had learned and apply it. Later in the season, Jack Hadfield also mentioned Quinn to me "I've heard multiple umpires talk about him. He's been great in the games I've done with him so far as well". After only 9 games in 2021, Quinn was a breakout umpire superstar in 2022.

Previous Recipients

  • 2021 - Unknown
  • 2020 - Unknownre
  • 2019 - Unknown
  • 2018 - Unknown
  • 2017 - Trent Wheeler (Cambridge)
  • 2016 - Jacob Sanders (Woodstock)
  • 2015 - Tyler Chisholm (Woodstock)
  • 2014 - Shawn Esseltine (Cambridge)
  • 2013 - Riley Scandlan (Cambridge)
  • 2012 - Steve Boulanger (Cambridge)
  • 2011 - Matt Clarke (Guelph)
  • 2010 - Zach Vaters (Stratford)
  • 2009 - No winner