Announcing the Midwestern Ontario Bearcats PBLO Program

The Inter County Baseball Association (ICBA) is proud to announce a new Premier Baseball League of Ontario (PBLO) offering for 2022. Bringing together our top athletes from Brantford, Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener, Stratford, Waterloo and Woodstock, the Midwestern Ontario Bearcats will be rostered Baseball Ontario teams out of Kitchener, Ontario.

“Over the last several months we have worked together at the ICBA table to bring forward this unique opportunity for the best players in our league starting at 14U. Players will proudly represent their local centre as a member of their Bearcats team.” – Brian Hawley, ICBA Chair, 14U Retention & Competition Committee

The Bearcats will offer the following teams in 2022:

14U Academy (2008 born players)

15U Elite (2007 born players)

16U Elite (2006 born players)

In the years ahead, the program will grow to include a 17U and traditional 18U offering. All teams will roster with Baseball Ontario to compete each summer in provincial qualifying tournaments, and in elimination tournaments at 15U and 18U, using the best indoor and outdoor facilities in the region.

“The opportunity to participate in provincials and nationals was a key factor in our decision to join the PBLO as residency teams rostered with Baseball Ontario, out of Kitchener. KMBA is proud to collaborate with our ICBA partners and provide administrative support for the program.” – Ron Mooibroek, KMBA President

“All seven ICBA centres are at the table, working together to provide a wide range of options for our athletes. Whether it is our new Bearcats program, a local house league program, or anything in between, baseball in our region is flourishing and we look forward to sustained growth in the years to come.” – Mark Schram, ICBA President

“Kitchener is a natural landing spot for this evolving PBLO,” said PBLO president Don Campbell. “Ask anyone who has been involved in top level baseball in Ontario and mention Kitchener and you immediately think of their long and storied tradition.

“The PBLO is on a mission to build a true Ontario league offering kids and parents an affordable top-flight league with experiences of playing throughout our vast province so the kids can see it and experience quality baseball on the field.

“And we also want to offer a product where kids can pursue their goals and ambitions while enjoying everything playing Ontario-wide has to offer while encouraging tournaments to the States when it becomes safe.”

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